About us

Game On Enterprises, LLC., was formed by two friends who got frustrated by witnessing their kids spend the majority of their day using electronic devices and toys which contributed nothing of value to their children's enrichment or well being. Too much time was being spent by their kids on their IPhone & tablets, thus the parents were seeking an alternative to this time consuming and harmful habit. Using thumbs all day did not seem like a healthy choice.

The parents searched for a product that could occupy their children's time while creating an environment of play, mind development, accomplishment and fun. The metal building sets seemed like a perfect fit, hence, the concept was introduced into their kids life.

Amazingly, the children interacted with family and friends as they embarked on and tackled easy, intermediate and complex building projects using diagrams, tools and their vivid imagination during hours of productive play. The children had fun while the parents who provided valuable input and instruction to their children, got to spend some priceless and rare quality time with their kids which were so preoccupied with their project, that they stayed away from their electronic devices for hours while building their own masterpieces.

Mission accomplished!!! Will you let your child bring out his creative mind and put his talents to use? we did, and the results were astonishing.